Herbert Richardson in the office of the Edwin Mellen Press in Lewiston, NY on April 8. 2013. His libel suit against a university librarian is only the most recent of many legal attempts to defend his reputation.

Sue hands her daughter in-law the bit of lavender she cut. Sue used to grow lavender in her yard, but since moving to Rodchester the soil will not support it. They were in attendace at Lavender Fest in Red Creek, NY on July 13th, 2012.

After offering to sell a bag of marjawana to George, his cousin and a friend talk about catching up later. George tries to keep out of trouble and act as a role model for his friends and family.

Sam owns a local typwriter repair store. He loves what he does but has had an increasingly hard time getting to the store and opening up in the morning. Sam blames lack of sleep, so has come to the sleepcenter to perform a overnight sleepstudy.

Devin Turner is instructed on the proper proximity when clearing a room--seen through large caliber bullet holes.

Bill Greene operates Butternut Sports Shop on the north side of Syracuse. Bill has owned and operated his gun, motorcycle and camera shop in the same location on Lodi for 58 years. As gun laws have become the target of local and national law, changes affect his business by increasing the short-term business from gun enthusiasts who are nervous about the changing attitude about gun ownership, but they also threaten to force Bill out of the state that he was born and raised.

Kenny Barnes poses for a portrait at Kamp Kiwanis in upstate NY on July 2, 2013.

Erica outside her supporive living apartment. “For a long time I was like a runner,” Erica recalls. She had a difficult time dealing with what was going on in her life and she did not want to address or even recognize her feelings. She bottled up her emotions —and she felt drug use was the only possible release. Now her recovery seems possible because of the Syracuse Behavior Health organization.

Robb’s most recent relationship has been shaky at best. “I’ve basically given up, I don’t know what else to do about Mark,” Robb remarks about the man he has been seeing for nearly seven years. Their relationship became heavily strained when Mark violated his parole and was sent to jail. Mark is out of jail now and squatting in an abandoned house, he visits Robb every so often to take a shower and shave off his beard.