The Promise of Oregon: Baker Technical Institute

Blue Chalk worked with The Oregon School Boards Association to explore a remarkable story taking place in Baker City, a small, rural town tucked between Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Elkhorn Mountains in eastern Oregon.

While other agriculturally-dependent towns struggle to stay viable, Baker City is investing in its community and economy with the Baker Technical Institute. The institute offers career pathways in construction, industrial and engineering systems, health services and agriculture. In addition to its offerings in career and technical education (CTE), the institute emphasizes science and math skills.

The Blue Chalk team spoke with students and learned how the institute has helped them to develop new skills and has given them new career options.

This is the fourth of a series of films created for OSBA's "The Promise of Oregon" 2016 campaign. These videos are designed to encourage schools and the public to “dream bigger” about what is possible for Oregon’s schools.

Natalie Taylor, Producer
Julianne Parker , Producer
Jason Greene, Director of Photography
Natalie Taylor, Editor
Rob Finch, Editor
Elizabeth Lim, Music


Freedom is the Future: Activists Tell their Stories

To celebrate Freedom House’s 75th anniversary, Blue Chalk traveled to Mexico and Kenya to film a short documentary profiling human rights defenders.

In Monterrey, Mexico, we followed Sister Consuelo Morales, who has dedicated her life to seeking justice for Mexico's Disappeared. In Nairobi, Kenya, we followed a photojournalist and activist, Boniface Mwangi, who fights for the respect of human rights and freedom of expression.

Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, has partnered with Morales and Mwangi in order to amplify their voices and support them in their very important work.

Although Morales and Mwangi are working in completely different environments, they are both taking a stand against injustice and are empowering people around them to reclaim their most basic human rights.


A Figure, Empowered

Blue Chalk collaborated with NBC News Brand Studio and their client, Mercedes-Benz, to tell the stories of three LGBTQ makers who are redefining their artistic industries.

In this video, we meet Becca McCharen, a fashion designer who draws her inspiration from architecture and urban design to build clothes that empower the female body.

Her label, Chromat, has taken the fashion world by storm, and her garments have been worn by Beyonce, Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and many other strong powerful women. With her “structural experiments for the human body” and her inclusive vision of fashion, Becca McCharen upends traditional conceptions of beauty and strength.

Rob Finch, Creative Director
Eléonore Hamelin, Producer
Greg Moyer , Executive Producer
Catriona Stuart, Executive Producer
Jason Greene, Director of Photography
Sarah Marcus, Editor
Natalie Taylor, Assistant Editor
Marmoset, Music

Created by Blue Chalk Media


Great Immigrants - The Pride of America

Carnegie Corporation of New York hired Blue Chalk to produce a short film about an immigrant family with experiences emblematic of many new to the United States. The resulting “Pride of America” profiles Claudius Zorokong, a 30-year-old native of Sierra Leone who recently graduated from Hamilton College and began working on Capitol Hill as an assistant to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas.

The film is part of a campaign released on July 4 weekend 2015 to celebrate the contributions immigrants make to the U.S. The campaign included print ads and video placements in major news outlets and social media.

Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
Rob Finch, Director
Eléonore Hamelin, Producer
Logan Burruss, Assistant Producer
Jason Greene, Assistant Camera
Rob Finch, Director of Photography
Rob Finch, Editor
Greg Snider, Assistant Editor
Dan Quintero, Assistant Editor
Brooke Herbert-Hayes, Assistant Editor
Rebecca Sell, Assistant Editor


Ground Zero for Climate Change: Apalachicola Bay

ClearPath is a foundation that simplifies the oftentimes complicated and emotional debate over what to do about climate change. The non-profit organization engaged Anthro Digital, a social media marketing and communications agency to help engage Florida voters in the issue of climate change timed to coincide with the release of the Papal Encyclical about the environment. Blue Chalk Media produced three videos: two about specific challenges to sustaining life in Florida as we currently know it, and a third for ClearPath’s partner the Catholic Climate Covenant. Each is intended to raise awareness of climate issues and push for civic engagement.

In this film, Blue Chalk profiles fifth generation oysterman Rickey Banks who wonders whether his son will be able to continue the tradition to a sixth generation. In 2012, Apalachicola Bay saw its oyster harvest diminish 88%. The reasons are multifaceted, but high salinity caused by an unusual regional drought and sea level rise are primarily to blame. Both factors are likely linked to climate change.

Executive Producer, Greg Moyer
Producer, Eléonore Hamelin
Creative Director, Rob Finch
Director of Photography, Jason Greene
Editors, Rob Finch, Natalie Taylor
Sound Recordist , Vlady Garcia


Multimedia Immersion Workshop - "Storytelling is What We Do"

The Multimedia Immersion is an intense, five-day, hands-on training workshop for visual journalists looking to expand and grow their multimedia skill sets using the latest technology.


55 Days - Teaser - Haptic Cinema


Alec Stearns is a seven year old, with tons of energy, who loves hair—he also happens to be neurologically different. Alec was placed on the moderate end of the spectrum of autism when he was 2 years old.




Alec's father, Bill, stands behind Alec in order to make sure he stays put for his therapy session. Bill stays at home with Alec to give him the attention that he requires.




The day of a garage sale in benefit of Alec, Christina become overwhelmed with not being able to control Alec outside.


Alec has no concept of the danger of moving vehicles. Christina is constantly afraid that he will run into the street.




Christina Stearns and Alec enjoy a moment of affection. Dayna, the Stearn's five-year-old daughter, plays with a costume.